Felicitations (Day 1046)

By 8 March, 2017Event

It has been a week of eminent company both in Mumbai and outside. In Ahmedabad I was privileged to share the dais with fellow Padmashri prolific writer and historian Vishnu Pandya felicitated by renowned Ila ben (SEVA) Bhatt at the Gujarat Vishwa Samaj function and a week later, in a more glamorous event organized by Parthiv Gohil titled Gujarati Jalso, legendary singer Purshotam Upadhyay and I were felicitated by were Pujya Ramesh Oza with a shawl and an idol of Goddess Saraswati.

IMG_0907Doordarshan celebrated Women’s Day with a show titled Naayika featuring likeminded women, for the print media, of course this is a special date and they have the knack of always finding new perspectives to old topics. The festivities continue, will share more tomorrow, about another event in another city.

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