Felicitation of Artistes (Day 1523)

By 7 February, 2019Uncategorized

The little girls are all squatted on the floor and some of us older ones are standing. The temple felicitates all of us with flowers and prasadam. With blessings of the Lord, we are all set to continue with our performances, some solo dances and some group performances.

I have been trained by my guru to perform Shabdam today, Shabdam is a dance dedicated to Lord Krishna’s childhood where he harassed the gopikas and they complained to mother Yashoda. It is about Yashoda wanting to punish her child but getting surprised by his magical powers.

The first time I performed Shabdam I asked my teacher so who am I? Am I Krishna/ Gopika/ Yashoda and she said you are all of them and also the narrator.

To be continued…