Felicitation (Day 1515)

By 24 January, 2019Uncategorized

The book has been offered to the deity but before we go back to the concert there is a felicitation. The colorful flowers I have admired all along on the deity’s neck is now being offered to me as a blessing. Can this be real? This is the first time I am allowed to cross the boundary of the railing and stand up-close to the statue.  Can this be real?


It is His blessing that I am able to conceive the idea, pen this book. It is his blessing that led me to my dance guru who inspires me that age is no bar and that I can dance if I choose to.


It is an absolute honor to perform Shabdam– a dance devoted to Lord Krishna recounting his misadventures with mother Yashoda and the gopikas.


If you will it my Lord I will write another book on you and perform again in your presence.


To be continued…