Every Role is special – Day 1935

By 13 January, 2021Uncategorized

With stardom came expectations and inadvertently many adventures, he underwent special training for skate boarding, snowboarding and sand surfing to play the attractive thief in Dhoom 3 and the ease reflected in his performance. For Jodha Akbar he hired three different masters to train him in sword fighting, Urdu dialect and Sufi dancing and for Bhansali’s Guzaarish he spent days with paraplegic patients to understand what goes on in their minds and hearts which again showed in his expressions. To play magician Ethan Mascherenas, he trained under an expert and this reflected in his portrayal. Sometimes, however, his extreme adventures resulted in dangerous accidents. 

During Krrish he went to China to train for action and suffered serious leg injury but did not return till the training was complete. During the shooting of Bang Bang in Thailand he fell from a height and suffered head injury and had to undergo instant brain surgery that kept him out of action for a while but once recovered, Hrithik Roshan was back to spreading his charm on screen.  I have told this story so that next time you see him on screen you don’t think he is just fortunate, but somebody who has fought every battle of life with a smile. Belated Happy Birthday Hrithik, you are an inspiration.