Entertaining & enlightening (Day 1334)

By 20 April, 2018Uncategorized

Jai Sri Krishna can do with a little trimming in the first half and adding more colour in the second half.   There is too much gyaan and almost no dances post interval and you miss the energy on stage. The directors need to think of a fitting finale using the combined talents of set/ Sandesh Bendre, research/ Shakti Kumar and lights/ Shital Talpade. The finale is a big letdown, too casual, the directors need to rethink of a fitting idea  inclusive of all the opportunities in sets, costumes, lights, background music and all the dancers, in fact this should be the curtain call of the entire cast and actors to bow out.

Jai Sri Krishna has great potential and I hope the producers Fulwane, Potdar and Shelke will do all within their means to promote and market this show  with the fanfare it  deserves.