Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si (Day 1405)

By 25 July, 2018Uncategorized

We don’t like to attach logic to rain but there is something called a Rain-maker who actually visits locations deprived of rain and guides them how they can benefit from the reason and there have been films where the Rain-maker/ Barishker has been used as a metaphor to transform dry and dreary lives of the protagonist, interesting stories that add more intrigue to the concept of the monsoon.

Nature affects us more strongly than we realize which is why we are usually impatient and angry during the summers and in a reasonably good mood during the winters and the monsoons because the downpour makes us submit more easily in the rains than in normal circumstances, and which is why filmmakers prefer to project tragedies in the backdrop of thunder and storm for greater impact.

Rain is a reason for celebration for the village farmers always and it becomes a bigger moment when the entire village rejoices the moment together as it has happened in many of our old/ Do Bigha Zameen and new films/ Lagaan.

My favorite song for today is ‘Ek ladki bheegi haagi si…’

My favorite scene:  When Neetu Singh runs out of her home to meet her beloved in Priyatama borrowing Asha Sachdev’s umbrella.

You can also watch my rain feature on youtube link/ https://youtu.be/3S8Hm7k7mao



  • Archana Gosalia says:

    Not only farmers rejoice monsoon, but the dancing of peacocks, the happy trees, rains are a reason of joy for everyone. Thank you for this amazing article which made me truly nostalgic.

  • Shyamal Chavan says:

    Well written blog.. this song itself change the mood.

  • Bhushan Warge says:

    Ek Ladki beegi Bhagi si was my fav song. That pulled me here and after reading that blog i m so amazed

  • Rohan Joshi says:

    Very well written…..This blog was so refreshing…. Waiting for more blogs to come

  • Krishna Shukla says:

    Oh well that’s such a brilliant title “Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si” this song is fantastic i love this song because i take that line in a different way and it has its own meaning i dont know what the singer though but i understand what bhawanaji means and its kinda similar to mine.