Discovering India – Day 940

By 20 October, 2016Films

One of the films to be screened at Discovering India

Discovering India screens feature films and documentaries that are international in character but linked to a recognizable Indian idiom. These films are by filmmakers either originating from India or filmmakers whose heart and art echo back to their homeland. Or they are by international filmmakers who come to India’s locations to reflect its reality with new eyes.

The six films in the Discovering India section are the opening film directed by Deepa Mehta’s Anatomy of Violence (Canada) and the closing film by John Upchurch’s Mango Dreams (USA). Besides these two there are Mainak Dhar’s 417 Miles (USA), N Padma kumar’s A Billion Colour Story (India), Bettina Ehrhardt’s Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds, The Conductor Zubin Mehta (documentary), (Germany) and finally Paul Cox’s Force of Destiny (Australia-India).









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