Dhadak Stories (Day 1422)

By 11 September, 2018Uncategorized

A few days before the release of Dhadak I had met up with Ishaan Khattar and Janhavi Kapoor and both were excited about their forthcoming film, a month after the release of the film I bumped into the two separately and they told me that life had more or less turned out the way I had predicted for them.

Not as an astrologer but as a senior journalist and to understand what that means here’s recapping their enthusiastic chatter over the next few days…

Within a few days your film will be in cinema halls, what are you feeling?

Janhvi Kapoor: I am very excited about the release and cannot wait for it to hit the cinema halls we have worked very hard and want the film to be appreciated by everybody.

Ishaan Khattar: I am relishing every bit of the promotion process, every question asked and our answers is a journey of self-discovery but the release moment will be magical as well

Once the film is released you will not be spending as much time together as you are now?

Ishaan: We may not be spending time together but we will always stay connected, this bond is too special to fade out.

Janhvi: Exactly, both of us knew from the beginning that we will eventually travel our paths but we can remain friends forever.

Does it worry you that the film will be compared to Sairat?

Janhvi: On the contrary, I am proud to feature in the remake of an iconic film which has redefined box-office figures and hopes to find the same love from the audience.

Ishaan: See, all films cannot be originals and not all originals have the potential of a remake so you choose from what comes your way. I am overwhelmed to have been given the opportunity to play the hero in this one.

What was more fun, shooting with each other or having the camera entirely for self?

Janhvi: Honestly, shooting with Ishaan never seemed like work because we are so well co-ordinated but I loved my solo scenes as much because I love the camera.

Ishaan: We were comfortable together but when I was facing the camera alone I wanted to surprise myself all the time.


To be continued…