Devgns go Global – Day 917

By 29 September, 2016Uncategorized

Kajol and Ajay at Google headquarters

While on their visit to the US for the promotions of Shivaay, the Devgn’s made a stopover in the San Francisco Bay Area (California) and visited the Headquarters of Google and Facebook. Being a gadget freak himself and given the advanced use of technology in his upcoming movie Shivaay, Ajay was really looking forward to these visits but what was special was that Kajol was accompanying him. The couple was given a tour of the Google and Facebook offices and a demo of the cool oculus device (virtual reality headset).  That was the moment Kajol was convinced to come on to the social media, in this case the Facebook. She had resisted the move all this while but now there was no holding back. She was now ready to register on Facebook officially and to make it memorable picked a date she would always remember, mother, Tanuja’s birthday.

The couple visited New York, Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco for promotions and while Kajol was impressed with the effect of technology and Ajay felt proud of the Indians holding important positions globally.


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