Debate & Discussion (Day 1193)

By 5 October, 2017Uncategorized

 The debate is on Cinema – how much it has changed over the decades and how much is for the betterment of the audience. The discussion also includes the media, its role in communicating with the cine-goer. Marwah is the moderator of the session. He has a unique style of introducing the subject and his panel members which is a combination of sher-o- shairis and dossier of the speakers.

October 5The best thing about Marwah is that while he keeps the discussion restricted to the topic, he allows his speakers a free hand to address the audience on a subject close to heart.  I am asked to share my experiences as a columnist and critic and engaging the students on the mantra of surviving show business.


I can see they are interested because when the session is over a lot of them have curious questions which cannot be answered in such a short time.