Creating Mansi Brindavan Day 1750

By 18 February, 2020Films, Uncategorized

So what attracted you to Mansi Brindavan?
That she is mature beyond her age, that she is devoted to her family and also devoted to
her career. Mansi is ambitious but you cannot question her love for her younger sister.
Did it worry you that the story was controversial?
More than thousand films are made in a year in our country and every story is inspired/
influenced from somewhere – real life, books or other films. As an actress, it’s not my
concern to worry about the source of the story besides every story about a singer is not
related to the Mangeshkar family. There were some similarities but there were many
contradictions as well.
Your character was almost negative
That was the attraction, Mansi has so many shades – she is warm, sensitive and also
authoritative. She feels protective about her younger sister and is angry when she is
abused by her husband but is not as generous with her career. It was a terrific plot but
mishandled in the climax. I missed the aunt-niece relationship, I’m an aunt in real life and
while my sister and I have innumerable disagreements this has never come in the way of
my relationship with her daughter.

To be continued