Childhood challenges-Day 1934

By 12 January, 2021Uncategorized

This is true of Hrithik’s life as he has faced various challenges right from childhood and overcame many tragedies with inner conviction.  At age four he was made to feel different from his classmates because he was born with two thumbs on his right hand. As he grew older and went to higher classes, the jokes turned nastier. The isolation affected him to an extent that Hrithik began to stammer and this was a cause of concern for the family.

When he was twelve, his grandfather J Om Prakash cast him in a cameo in Bhagwan Dada where Hrithik had a talking scene and performed flawlessly to everyone’s surprise. The incident made him realize two things: That with determination he can override all his shortcomings and more important, when he grows up, he will become an actor like his father. 

In his early twenties Hrithik was diagnosed with a rare ailment Scoliosis that restricts movement in the body so for almost a year Hrithik observed all precautions but slowly took stock of self and resumed his normal routine that included a run on the beach. One day, while he was running it started raining, so Hrithik slowed down to make sure there were no health complications and then slowly picked up pace. Nothing happened to him, no pains, no cramps and Hrithik knew he was ready for his debut Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. To be continued…