Chaos is part of creativity – Day 2069

By 29 September, 2021Uncategorized

Dev Anand rose from his chair the minute he saw me and offered me a firm handshake. Then pushing aside all the files to a corner of the desk, his eyes sparkling said, “Don’t mind this mess on my desk, chaos is part of creativity and which is why I have never believed in clearing my desk or my cupboards. They are going to get messy again and, in my opinion, it is all a crucial waste of creative energy, don’t you agree with me?”

I was stumped and stared at De Anand blankly. So far, no professional of merit had sought my opinion on anything, also, so far, nobody had shared such an original thought with me earlier. I was drawn to his energy, his thought process. He sat on his chair and began searching for the pictures he had promised my office. And as he did that, we conducted the interview. Dev Anand locks his eyes when he talks to you, speaks passionately and his zest for life is infectious. Unlike other celebrities who are frequently interrupted, Dev Anand gives you undivided attention as long as you are in his presence so naturally, I came home thoroughly impressed by the actor.

To be continued