Pause at Amber (Day 1103)

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From the flow of words, it is evident that the writer has been through a special experience that has transformed her and led to the outpourings. The opening line of the title reads: When thoughts come unbidden…when emotions are replaced by insight…when you have the power over an all-knowing muse…then it could only be Whisperings From Beyond.

Over the next few days I will be reproducing random excerpts from the book to hook you on the thought and draw your own conclusions:

Life’s speed breakers are not necessarily hurdles, just the Light cautioning us to pause at amber before zooming off on green.

Once we admit to ourselves that we were in the wrong, we will find the courage to tell the same to the other person.

Insight lets us get a peep into Infinity. Develop insight. Cultivate insight. And find out what makes the world go round.

Intolerance is fear that they will make us Them and not let us be Us.

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Day 5/ Charging Batteries (Day 1101)

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Knowledge is learning something new every day because in the end what matters is: How well did you love…? How freely did you live…? How deeply did you let go…?

Just in the way we charge batteries of our gadgets, we require charging our personal battery with Love and the next step after that is to activate Love with TEAM:

T as in our Thoughts…E as in our Emotions…A as in our Attitude…M as in our Memories…

There are five important lessons to be learnt and remembered:

Lesson 1: Love yourself because you are unique and so are people who come into your life. Always remember that life is a stage and everybody is here to play a role, so watch the actors without judging them.

Lesson 2: Life is a blessing so live it up to the fullest. Tap your potential to the optimum level and exploit all the hidden, unexpressed talents for better self-expression.

Lesson 3:  Whatever cannot be altered/ expressed/ restored should be deleted from the consciousness, just let go and you will feel calmer.

Lesson 4: There are three magical words to stay happy – Let go…Forgive…Detach… It is only when we are detached from our five senses that we take a right decision.

Lesson 5: Smile to solve the problem and resort to silence to avoid the problem – the choice is always between in either compromising or in understanding. The more you understand, the more people change… and the more you compromise, the more they rebel…

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Day 4/ Two emotions control life (Day 1100)

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Under any circumstances and any situation, we have to make an effort to stay in peace and when we attempt that, the situation will automatically alter by itself.

The biggest sin of human experience is to hurt someone, to cause someone anguish. One should not just be careful of never hurting another person but always make an effort to bring them joy and happiness.

There are just two emotions that control life and they are Love and Fear. We hurt because we fear, so we must rise above our fear and concentrate on Love.

Every morning, we must wake up and love self because only when you love thyself can you give love to others. Those who lack love cannot bring joy to people.

Most of the time, the conflict in our life is just 10 percent but in our anxiety, we add all the negative emotions to it and amplify it to 100 percent.

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Day 3/ 7 Qualities of Soul (Day 1099)

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What is Mind? The mind is thought, expression and imagination. What is Intellect? Intellect is the thought that evaluates deliberation, decision.

What is Wisdom? Wisdom is the connection, the unbiased attitude often described as the inner voice of a person.

What is Sanskara? Sanskara are imprints of human action that influence and affect our lives.

There are seven innate qualities of a soul – knowledge, awareness, peace, purity, love, happiness, will power and bliss.

There are situations and there is a time to address these situations. There are times there is a break in value system, under such circumstances we have to take an initiative and address the cause of failure.

If there is conflict in ideas and attitudes, we have to rise above the crisis with the power of silence. If there is an issue of envy and competition, we have to recognise greed and conquer it with new awareness.

If we are coping with the tension-filled environment, we have to keep up with the good will. If there is insecurity emerging from success, we have to hold on to courage to alter it.

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Awakening with Bhrama Kumaris (Day 1097)

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I had the privilege of attending a couple of Murlis at the Bhrama Kumari centre, Mumbai in the last few days and reproduce what I captured from the discourse in my own words. If there is any confusions it is in my interpretation.

 Yog explains the skill or the art of listening. Unfortunately, in present times the word Yoga is a highly misused and misinterpreted word associated with physical exercise and meditation.

There are innumerable definitions of life. For some it is struggle, for some, it is a game and for some, going through misery it is a curse. The fact is life is not a baggage – it is not negative emotions or expressions that can be resolved instantly.

Human life is the most precious avatar. It is more precious than a diamond and everyone born in this avatar is privileged. The human body and the mind are connected. There are endless debates whether the body brings unrest to the mind or the mind causes anguish to the body. The truth is: a healthy mind resides inside a healthy body.

(To be continued)

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Certificates For All (Day 1091)

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In the olden days when I was on the jury for Feature Film, there were no daily allowances for the members, not just that all of us paid for our own dinner, laundry and personal travel. We were committed for 15 days in Ashok Hotel of Delhi and watched on an average five films a day to complete 100 films in a fortnight.

In the olden days, the process of watching the films and the deliberations that followed were concluded in a fortnight. Today, I am told it takes much longer because the entries have increased and so have the pressures. The NFA faculty informs that it is getting more and more difficult to get people to come on jury board because it is not easy to commit so many dates in a different city.

11.5.17 dTo attract competent members on the jury NFA office has revised its guidelines and now offer daily allowances so members don’t have to spend out of their pockets. As an additional incentive the government has from this year onward started honoring jury member with a certificate of merit for their services.

My co-jury members’ actor/ writer Mohan Raman from Chennai and publisher Prabhat Kumar from Prabhat Publishers were privileged to receive a certificate from Union & Development Minister A Venkaiah Naidu.

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9.5.17 a

Four Juries, Four Sections (Day 1089)

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The awards are divided into four distinctive sections namely Feature Film Central Jury which includes films from all regions and which was this year headed by eminent filmmaker Priyadarshan. The Non-Feature which includes short films and documentaries from all state was chaired by Raju Misra. Third, Writing on Cinema which includes critiques and books by me and finally a new category called Film Friendly State which was given to Uttar Pradesh this year and headed by Madhur Bhandarkar. While the jury members had a lot of time to interact with each other, the chairpersons of the respective juries only met on the final day.

9.5.17 bI got to spend some time with Raju Misra post the press conference announcing the awardees, Priyadarshan and I bonded over dinner at the hotel sharing films we must watch and had breakfast with Madhur Bhandarkar on the morning of the event. Come evening and we were dressed formally to read a citation each on what propelled us to make our choices and the guidelines we followed.

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5.4.17 ii

More Felicitations (Day 1064)

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Ever since the news of my being conferred with the Padma Shri has been made public, I have been privileged to be felicitated by so many institutions and Ryan International Group is the latest.

5.4.17 iOn their annual day held at St Andrews Auditorium in Mumbai attended by their international faculty and all the parents of the students, it was an exhilarating experience to be a part of the anxiety and excitement.

There is something about an atmosphere that involves students and  all of us adults on the stage were part of that special experience.

(to be continued)

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