Day 2/ Who’s a Yogi? (Day 1098)

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How does one become the owner of a healthy mind? How does one change one’s present mindset? Can only the yogis accomplish this? Who is a Yogi?

A Yogi is not one who sits in meditation for sure. Yoga originates from the Sanskrit word Yog and Yog means remembrance, communication, relationship, meeting.

Yog is the opposite of Viyog that is separation while Sahyog is what we do together, in companionship and Sanjog is coincidences.

There are three kinds of Yog: The first is Mental – where we remember people. The second is Physical which is related to Objects and Places and which connects like the wires of the universe. The third is Spiritual Yog where you think of yourself as a soul and connect to the Supreme Being.

Raj Yog is the king of all yogas that enables one to become a ruler of one’s senses that is the mind and the heart. Yog is a relationship and Raj Yog is an ultimate relationship. There are different kinds of Yoga: Sahaj Yoga, Buddhi Yoga, Karam Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Sanyas Yoga.

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12.5.17 c

Where’s The Party Tonight? (Day 1092)

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It’s been a long, extended evening but despite the exhaustion, everybody is in a mood to celebrate. There is no official dinner from the host but everybody has a plan in order. I am with Abhimanyu and Roopali Singh of Contioloe Pictures winners of Best Animation Film/ Mahayoddha Ram. Abhimanyu has strung his suvarna kamal/gold medal around his mother’s neck and senior Singh is so proud of the honor that she refuses to remove it from her neck through the dinner. We drink, eat and celebrate chatting on various topics but keep returning to the award ceremony because everybody is so happy and overwhelmed.

12.5.17 bLater in the night we arrive at the hotel and discover that other awardees are celebrating their glory in different groups and join the party. The mood is ecstatic and the conversation about films, films, and more films.  The celebrations go on till late night and nobody cares that they have to take a flight early in the morning.

12.5.17 a

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10.5.17 a

Best Writing on Cinema (Day 1090)

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There were 33 books and 18 critiques as eligible entries for Best Writing on Cinema 2016. Out of these only 50 were in English and the rest in regional languages comprised biographies, chronicles, conversations, musical journeys and reflections on topics related to the business of entertainment.

10.5.17 dThe essays on cinema featured film reviews, analytical stories, a comprehensive listing and serious studies on changing perceptions of cinema.

It was a daunting task to compartmentalize all the writings but the directorate office helped us to take one step at a time and initiate system into the process.

We began with first evenly distributing the various books/ articles amongst us, the jury members and defined a deadline by which time we must finish our readings.

10.3.17 cMost of the regional books/ articles were submitted with an English synopsis and for those missing; the directorate office had a team of translators outlining the merit/ demerit of every book and essay.

The deliberation meeting was an enriching experience as the members shared what they had observed. All of us had shortlisted our choices and needed to arrive at a consensus collectively.

10.5.17 bThe emphasis was on original content, insightful writing, and meticulous research.

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8.5.17 c

National Film Awards (Day 1088)

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A fortnight ago I was at The Ashoka in Delhi for my Padma Shri felicitation and in less than a month I was back in the city and same hotel for 64th National Film Awards. As the Chairperson Jury of Writing on Cinema, I was invited to be on the dais with dignitaries and read an overview of the selection.

8.5.17 bLast time the ceremony was at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. This time it is at the Vigyan Bhavan, a premier Centre of Government of India in New Delhi. Built in 1956, it has been the venue of conferences of national and international stature, seminars and award ceremonies attended by distinguished world leaders and dignitaries.

8.5.17 aThere is excitement in the hotel lobby as the awardees assemble to travel together at the venue. At Vigyan Bhavan, the security guards are over cautious in checking the invites and ID proofs of the guests. There was a long queue but nobody complains and use the waiting time to click pictures with fellow awardees and fans.

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Labour Day (Day 1083)

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There is excitement in the office because we are celebrating both Labour and Maharashtra Day. The office is done up in marigold flowers team has invited Nagraj Manjule, director of Sairrat to be felicitated as the Icon of Maharashtra. When he enters the studio, the band goes hysterical and starts playing the celebratory music. Manjule is both embarrassed and flattered. He shares that despite all the accolades the film has been receiving he wonders if the credit is for him or somebody else. “Life in Sholapur was simple but there was no dearth of adventure.  We friends would get together and play films – that is enact hits of Amitabh Bachchan stories and dialogues. At that time I did not know that my passion will lead me to the film studios one day. My friends tell me I was forever recounting stories, sometimes retelling films I had watched, sometimes, my own stories but they loved to hear me and sat in rapt attention. I thank them all, they were my first audience and I hope they will be with me even after Sairrat.”

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28.4.17women 2

Women reflected Peace (Day 1082)

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Everybody has a Husain favorite; I loved all his portraits especially featuring women. Husain’s women were always in a cluster, peaceful and happy.  His images reflected his memories of childhood where he probably grew up in a large home and larger family and where everybody was always together and women narrated lot of stories to children

28.4.17women 1In his paintings, the women appeared secure and their reassurance came from unity which is why they always appeared happy and celebrating life.

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27.4.17mythology 2

Mythology as a muse (Day 1081)

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No religion, no state, and no country can tell an artist what to paint and what not to and yet all legendary artists have been through phases when they were watched, questioned and condemned.

27.4.17mythology 1But the show goes on and Husain’s canvas translated places, figures, faces passionately on the canvas, sometimes an elephant, sometimes, a peacock feather, sometimes the serpent and sometimes, the Mother Goddess, because there is no stopping expressions.


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26.4.17combined 2

Multiple Images (Day 1080)

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You can tell what a writer is thinking from his books and screenplay; similarly, it is easy to read an artiste’s mind from his paintings.  On the surface, many of Husain paintings appear a collection of images but the juxtaposed familiar places and faces reflect a thought process.  It is a comment on what he feels about those turbulent times or about his surroundings.

26.4.17combined 1

So many of these immortal images on popular walls of popular buildings stand testimony of his endurance, of what happened many years ago…Today, as his well-wishers make sincere attempts to resurrect old images, the artist is probably smiling down from the heaven and smiling.

 For those keen on a closer view of the paintings, you may contact Sunil Paragaria 9820017887

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25.4.17angry horse 1

Angry Horses (Day 1079)

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Husain Saab was a man of few words and the few times I have interacted with him I have never seen him even remotely annoyed with anything or anybody. Like all legendary artists when he was disappointed with circumstances or people, he turned inwards and expressed his feelings on the canvass, which is why sometimes, his favorite horses he painted appeared so angry on the easel.

25.4.17angry horse 2For the viewer, his paintings were about vibrant colors but his followers knew that every line and color he splashed on the canvas had a reason. His every painting reflected a certain mood and had a special story to tell…His well-wishers are taking good care of his repertoire.

Limited Husain Serigraphs can be obtained from

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