Breaking the Board (Day 1428)

By 21 August, 2018Uncategorized

So next morning I arrived at the venue full of trepidation. There were brief introductions of the candidates, all from various regions and backgrounds. Priya has a way with words and with people and she has the knack of keeping you engaged, so there we were listening to her pep talk and before we knew it there was the lunch break. Considering we were all meeting for the first time, I sensed no discomfort and everybody was happy to share the table with each other about themselves and about life.

Post lunch we experienced our first exercise –Of breaking the board – where you have to forcefully hit upon the Karate board and break it with your lower portion of the palm. There is a technique involved in the process and those who understood the technique were able to break it. Some of them like me failed to act forcefully and failed. Priya emphasized that being able to break/ not break the board was not important, what was important was to participate in the process.