Black Hole – day 1587

Black Hole is made up of three elements – a woman, a white sheet, and the idea of the cosmos.

The piece explores ideas from Theoretical Physics from the perspective of an ordinary person. The premise of the piece is a terminally ill mother and daughter who begin a game, discussing mysteries of science as a way to cope with the pain and fear of what awaits them. However, slowly, the theories and principles of science and wonders of the galaxies begin to unfold deeper mysteries of ‘who’ they are and where they will go.

As concepts from astrophysics intertwine with personal narratives exploring love, loss, mortality, experiential limits, and the bodies we live in, the piece examines our thirst for knowledge, our hunger for experience, and how the two combine to create our understanding of the cosmos we inhabit.

 The show has been traveling to small towns Palampur, Mandi, Hamirpur, Solan in Himachal Pradesh, often alone, doing the minimal version of the show