Birthdays and more – Day 1905

By 11 November, 2020Uncategorized

An actor dies and often his family tries to keep the alive in the memories of his loved ones, well at least they try to, though I know of many stars who warned their families to never celebrate their birthdays after they were gone. Late Raaj Kumar warned his family to cremate him without a funeral. So did Dev Anand and he was fortunate to breathe his last in a hospital in London. On the other hand, Rinki Bhattacharya (daughter of legendary filmmaker Bimal Roy) has been hosting a film festival in honour of her father for decades now and Nandita Om Puri, widow of actor Om Puri is keen that people remember Om Puri so in collaboration with her son Ishaan has launched a foundation that will inspire activities all through the year.  

For Om Puri’s 70th birthday Nandita has launched her own channel on YouTube channel aptly titled ‘Puri Baatein’ dedicated to the actor, his films and beyond.  “The idea is to celebrate him globally and host retrospectives of his films in India, Cannes, London and more”. It is a terrific idea but not as easy to keep it going but then knowing Nandita everything is possible.