Bird of Dusk (Day 1501)

By 22 November, 2018Uncategorized


“Ritu was a close friend from University days and we had been work associates for more than a decade. I had seen his films bring back the audience to the big screen, the huge leap from shoestring budget films to the epic Chokher Bali, his growing reputation in India as well in international festival circuits. There are many sides to his complex personality and to capture his unique voice I turned to his filmography, his last trilogy where he inserts himself as an actor and his old interviews from the archives.


“Ritu- da shaped and nurtured by the city of Kolkata and putting this film together I rediscover the city as I seek the Baul song of the wandering minstrel, river Ganga which offers the metaphor of fluidity, just as Ritu- da was trying to escape gender definitions. So many memories…”


To be continued…