Bending the Rod (Day 1430)

By 23 August, 2018Uncategorized

Day 2 had more surprises than I had imagined there were many experiments lined up and nothing appeared remotely easy. In the first half we had to bend an iron rod holding one end at out throat and the other at our partner’s throat. When one walks towards the other the rod bends if you grasp it at the throat at a right angle, if you don’t then you fail in the exercise. I don’t know if it is a miracle but I was able to do it.

Post lunch we had to all swallow a flame. Priya offered a flame made out of cotton that you promptly put it in your mouth. The trick of doing this successfully is to swallow it fast without thinking. Almost everybody was able to do this with the exception of me and a few others. I failed because I wasn’t able to follow the instructions and I wasted time in thinking and time lost cannot be gained.

The last exercise was the scariest – of walking on glass pieces and there was nothing pretentious about it because bottles were broken in front of us and the scattered pieces fitted into the carpet of glass.

Again I offered to walk first and gave it a clear thought of how many steps I would need to take to come out clean and fast. I said my prayers and sailed through the path without bruises. In the action world they say that if you think you can do it you will and if you feel you will bungle it you will a hundred percent get injured. I knew I would be able to walk through the glass pieces unburied and I did.