Author’s Lounge (Day 1253)

By 12 January, 2018Uncategorized

The Author’s Lounge at every literary festival is an exciting place to spend time because as sessions begin and end, different authors stop by for a cup of coffee or snack and you bump into old friends and colleagues. I was happy to meet renowned author Varsha Adalja and chat with her about her forthcoming book.  Adalja is a fascinating writer and after so many years her audience waits eagerly for her new book. Salil Tripathi has been writing on various issues for so many years and I have followed his work for a long time now, but we seldom meet except at such gatherings.

Fri 2Writer-director Abhishek Jain who dons many hats, he is a filmmaker, producer and now also an author. This is the only place one can interact with Gujarat Literature core team, the only place I have seen Jumana and Shyam Parekh drop their guards and relax. Someday, some author will write a book on the Author’s Lounge if they have not started thinking about it already and then maybe it can be launched by Shyam Parekh and Abhishek Jai at the Gujarat Literature Festival.

Fri 3