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Sneha Sarita – Day 1571

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Sneha Sarita is a ballet telling the story of a princess and a forest girl. The princess is hunting and kills a bird. The forest girl is wounded and takes it upon her to transform the princess. She introduces the princess to all the animals and the birds as her friends and now the princess does not want to return to the palace.

Ably choreographed by Dr Malati Agneswaran and performed by her talented students Ramya Natrajan and Madhuparna Kumar, the ballet is about saving the forst and other planets.

Presenting Ramya Natrajan as the princess and Madhuparna Kumar as the forest girl…

The following item is about the original forest man, Lord Shiva who resides in the Himalayas. A group performance of Shiva Padam titled Bho Shambho.


Movie Review: Student Of The Year 2

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 Watch SOTY 2 for Tiger Shroff


Film: Student of the Year 2

Date: 10.05.2019

Producer Dharma movies

Director: Punit Malhotra

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria, Ananya Pandey

Ratings : 3 stars

Student of the Year 2 is a sequel of producer Karan Johar directed 2012 release Student of the Year. The former introduced three new actors, Siddharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan, the latter introduces two new girls Tara Sutaria and Ananya Pandey, daughter of Chunky Pandey.

The prequel was a love story, so is the sequel because colleges in Hindi movies are synonymous with romance and action related to romance. So we have three students in the film, Rohan Sachdev/ Tiger Shroff, Mrudula/ Tara Sutaria and Shreya/ Ananya Pandey who kind of play musical chairs and engage you with songs and dance.

There’s nothing new about love and all that changes are the characters, their intensity and emotion quotient. The prequel emphasized on more complicated relationships, the sequel addresses more issues. There are academic issues like the down market Pishorimal Chamandas College pitched against the upper class St Teresa College, their complexities, attitudes, mindset and cultural differences.

Then family issues like Ananya Pandey is the poor rich girl trapped between an egoistic brother and a ruthless father.  There are serious friendship issues too but fortunately the conflicts transform into team spirit during the climax.

Actually, director Punit Malhotra serves you a three- in- one entertainment together combining sports-dance –romance – action. There is a handsome villain too and all the actors look stunning styled by the super fashionable Manish Malhotra.

It does not matter that the story is predictable and the locations exaggerated. It does not matter that the songs start in Dehradun and end in Maldives. I have no problems with the creative liberties because lavish productions and beautiful packaging are part of Dharma Movies DNA.

Both the girls, Tara Sutaria and Ananya Pandey are ravishing but Ananya has an edge over Tara and the star of the film is Tiger Shroff who is perfect in every frame, dances like a dream and moves like a deer.

Some films are not meant to be analyzed, just enjoyed with friends. The highlight of the film is a 60-second appearance by Hollywood superstar Will Smith and when he comes on screen it is a fully paisa vasool moment.

Watch SOTY 2 for William Smith and for Tiger Shroff the worthy candidate of the student of the year trophy and also director Punit Malhotra who proves an able student of Karan Johar school.


Bhawana Somaaya/ @bhawanasomaaya


Tandaav Ganpati (Day 1570)

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Prajakta Shelar has done her Bachelors in Performing Arts from Nalanda Nrityakala Mahavidyalay Mumbai University.


She also assists Madhuparna Kumar in the running of the academy. The duo combine force to pay ode to the elephant God followed by a group performance where middle batch girls perform Nateshwar Koutham. Ragam : Nata Talam : Aditalaam.

In the Hindu mythology the deities have many avtaras and many swaroopas but the best swaroopa is the one visualized by the devotee.

Prajakta Shelar describes the beauty of Lord Ganesha through Natya and Abhinaya in a semi classical dance.



Mahaguru (Day 1569)

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Dr Malati Agneswaran, guru of prominent dancers Ramya Natrajan and Madhuparna Kumar is dancing since she was a little girl. She is on the faculty of Nalanda Nirityakala Mahavidyalay Mumbai University for more than 30 years.

Recipient of senior fellowship for dance from Sangit Ntak Akademi, Agneswaran is an A grade artiste in Mohini Attam.

Dr Agneswaran is an author on the subject of dance, a research scholar, teacher, dancer and choreographer of unforgettable ballets.

Presenting the multifaceted, Agneswaran in Krishna Padam. Ragam: Khamboji. Talam: Aditalaam.



Movie Review: Blank

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Film: Blank

Date: 03.05.2019

 Director: Behzad Khambata

Writers: Pranav Adarsh, Pradeep Atluri (concept) (as Pradip Atluri) 

Stars: Sunny Deol, Karan Kapadia, Karanvir Sharma, Ishita Dutta


The film opens with the hero/ Karan Kapadia wearing dark glasses and walking down a crowded street. Suddenly,  a bike hits him and he is wheeled inside a hospital. The doctors getting him ready for the surgery discover a bomb attached to his heart and have to wait till the bomb is extracted.

A few hours later, the boy rises from his bed, pulls out all the tubes from his body and stumbles out of the ICU. When he is stopped by the hospital aid/ guard/ doctor he ruthlessly bashes them all and is about to flee, when ACP Devang/ Sunny Deol and his team nab him and lock him in a solitary cell.

When he is brought in for interrogation, the young boy feigns loss of memory and dramatically asks ‘Main kahn hoon, mujhe kuchyaad nahi aa raha…’

Flashbacks of fire and mayhem haunt the narrative and just when we are about to get into the mind of the young man, he is hijacked by muffler draped terrorists. Somehow the police get him back to the prison but and a few scenes later, he flees again and if all this sounds confusing well, that is the intention.

Post interval it all about the search for the drug peddlers, the terrorists, and 23 more human bombs. The chase drags endlessly and despite your best efforts you are unable to focus on what’s going on. The narrative is flawed the characters illogical and unconvincing.

Sunny Deol in a crucial scene tells his senior that they have no time to waste, yet when on mission he strolls like he is in a garden.  In another scene at the police station, Deol screams like he has lost his way out of Gadar. And most important, which cop on duty ever disconnects his phone just because his wife is delivering a baby; writer Adarsh and director Khambata please get real!

There’s more, Karan Kapadia who has suffered a near fatal accident walk out of the hospital without surgery. Kapadia has a bomb attached to his heart that a team of experts cannot decode but Karan is able to extract this bomb like a super hero in the climax!

On the brighter side it is refreshing to watch women cast as cops and guards, Karanveer Sharma and Ishita Dutta suit the part. Karan Kapadia is confident and delivers his lines but Sunny Deol is disappointing.

No ratings for Blank because I choose to blank out.

Bhawana Somaaya/ @bhawanasomaaya




Reva wins CCFA (Day 1563)

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The Best Film Gujarati at the Critics’ Choice Film Awards 2019 went to Brainbox & Baroda Talkies Paresh Vora produced and Rahul Bhole-Vinit Kanojia directed Reva based on Sahitya Akademi writer Dhruv Bhatt’s 1998 released book, Tatvamasi. Reva was shot listed out of a total 57 Guajarati films released in the year 2018.

It tells of a spiritual journey along the banks of River Narmada that celebrates and salutes the culture and heritage of Gujarat. Reva breaks stereotypes and dispels superstitions associated with tribal and witchcraft. A moving story of a pilgrim returning to his roots with haunting music and picturesque locales, Reva is a story of faith and submission with a contemporary message for the youth.