Ancient wisdom of Garbh Sanskar- Day 1692

By 21 November, 2019Books

Some of us believe that we will receive what we are destined to and do not make much effort beyond that to attract the same in our direction. Nothing comes without effort and devotion. To desire an ideal partner, we must first visualize one, and to desire a superior baby as well, we must visualize it.

Parents are responsible for the shaping of their children’s character and if they are disappointed with the outcome, they need to reflect on what went wrong when they conceived their baby. If your child is always bitter and angry, there is a possibility that you were disappointed and hostile during pregnancy and unwittingly transmitted the same sentiment to your child.

If we are responsible for the quality of children we bring into this world, it is to our advantage that we are enlightened to the secrets of the foetus because the fact is that good crops blossom in fertile land and great children blossom out of aware parents.


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