An actor prepares – Day 2092

By 23 November, 2021Uncategorized

So how did you evolve into such a good dancer eventually? “I really don’t know, probably I am still not good because I feel awkward and my directors say that they like me because I’m awkward. I know Priyadarshan signed me for Saza-E-Kalapani because I look older and can pass off as a Mayali. He would wake us up at 3 a.m every morning and pan the first shot at 5.30. Every day, I had to learn long lines in Malayalam. One day, for a difficult scene I did not get it right after 15 takes and everyone was impatient so I burst into tears.”

That’s a difficult situation to handle, isn’t it? Tabu says all talented directors drive their actors crazy and actors feel frustrated when they are unable to deliver their potential”. Are you as you as vulnerable in a personal crisis? Tabu thinks for a while, “No…” she replies “Because there is a lot more at stake in personal life than in your career and therefore, one is always weighing the pros and the cons of an outburst. I am always worried about how my reaction will affect my loved ones and if hurt, I would rather withdraw. It is strange but in moments like these I wish that the conflict resolves on its own but most of the time it doesn’t”.

To be continued