Ahmedabad Diaries (Day 1421)

By 10 September, 2018Uncategorized

I have been going to Ahmedabad since I was a little girl and even though I am a senior citizen today my eyes light up every time I visit my favourite city. The city has always proved a cathartic experience. It absorbs all my eccentricities and fills me with a new energy to face life.

Every year we take a road trip and do the same things and love the familiarity of it all. We visit our family temple in Rajkot followed by a stop at Gondal’s Khadi Plaza where we relish jalebi fafda with masala chai.

In the evening we stop at the mall and have an early meal and reach back home before midnight.

Next morning, over tea in the garden we discuss our darshan and our shopping followed by our regular meal comprising dhoklas and theplas.

On the third day when it is time to leave for Mumbai, it is painful to say goodbye to the Champa tree. The Red and the White Champas know that I will soon be back…