A story is staged – Day 1757

By 26 February, 2020Uncategorized

Shri Vighneshwar began cracking on Rim Jhim Barse Zindagi immediately and Hiten Anandpara kept me posted about the scenes in progress collaborated by Pritesh Sodha and him on phone and finally came the day when I was invited to attend the play rehearsal. I was excited to meet the artistic and the technical who were going to give shape to my story and waited with bated breath for the narrative to unfold. Director Jayant Bhatt told me that what you watch is only 20 percent because the effect of light/ sound/ music/ costume / sets is the essence of stage and I trusted him. A week later as I got ready to trek to Tejpal Auditorium for the premier of my debut play I sensed an adrenaline rush but it was different from the   anxiety I went through as an author on her way to a book release. As an author I am forever being judged and have to prove myself but as the story writer of a play I was calmer because the entire team put together was going to sparkle my brain child. And that’s exactly what happened.  What unfolded on stage was magical!

To be continued…