A Critical Mind Part ii (Day 1514)

By 11 December, 2018Uncategorized

How long do you take to write a review on an average? 

It depends, sometimes it happens quickly, and sometimes it drags but a satisfactory review with all the markings, fact checking and corrections usually takes about 2 hours.


What is the maximum number of films you’ve had to review in a day?

I have consciously refrained from reviewing more than 2 films a day because I don’t believe in punishing myself. In my younger days however at film festivals I have watched 4 sometimes even 5 films a day. The eyes ached and the heart was overflowing with emotions but one continued to watch films because you were scared you will miss out on a good film. Not any longer, now I am more self -preserving.


Do you know how many films you’ve reviewed till date? 

No, I am not so vain to count my work. My mother taught me that if you count your money Goddess Lakshmi goes away so I don’t count reviews/ columns for I don’t want Goddess Saraswati to desert me. But I count my books and I want to write more and more…


What is the weirdest feedback you’ve received for your reviews?

You know, I have never received weird or even negative feedback for my reviews, I know it sounds immodest but most of the time people tell me they agree with my review even when I am not flattering to the filmmaker.


To be continued